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Color Wheel for Control4 is a unique driver from Janus technology providing a sleek, colorful, and intuitive web interface for Control4 RGB, RGBW and Tuneable White (WW) Lighting drivers.

Running as a service on any Control4 touchscreen supporting webview, this is more than just a driver, offering a totally new and hugely enriched user experience.

The screen is dominated by the spectacular color wheel, which allows for the easy control of multiple lighting channels, adapting to type of light controller – RGB, RGBW, WW. There is support for 8 scenes per room, with on-screen visual scene color indication, and simple selection. The interface complements the existing Control4 lighting screen, and is selectable from any T3 touch screen.


What’s New?

v300 – 12th August 2020

  • Compatibility with the new LiteWave wLightBox Colour Controller driver, available here. Take advantage of this new driver FOR FREE on any site you have an active Colour Wheel licence!
  • Introducing sorting – from within the webview experience, press on the sorting header to choose how to organise the compatible lights in your project.
  • Overhaul of underlying functionality to bring you a smoother user experience.


Driver Compatibility

The Color Wheel driver itself is directly compatible with a number of existing lighting drivers, and the accompanying Enhanced Lighting Interface driver allows existing dimmers to group as RGB/RGBW/WW fixtures, making them compatible with Color Wheel.

The following systems are currently supported, and the list is constantly growing:

  • ArtNet DMX RGB/RGB-M (ExtraVeg)
  • Aurora AOne (coming soon!)
  • Collingwood (available here)
  • Converging Systems ILC-400C and ILC-100C
  • Domaudeo RGBW
  • Nicolaudie (available here)
  • LiteWave wLightBox (available here)
  • Philips Hue (available from the C4 cloud)
  • Rako Controls (Janus driver available here)
  • TP-Link (available here)
  • YeeLight (available here)
  • Lutron Homeworks QS (single channel RGB dimming)
  • Adeo DALI/DMX *
  • ArtNet DMX (ExtraVeg, NextGenTec) *
  • Clipsal C-Bus *
  • ColorBeam *
  • Control4 Centralised Lighting*
  • KNX *
  • Lutron Homeworks *
  • Lutron QS *
  • Rako (Control4, ExtraVeg drivers) *

*compatible via the Enhanced Lighting Interface driver



What interfaces does it work on?

Color Wheel appears where you have placed it via navigator (for OS2, it will also appear under the Services menu).

Currently, Color Wheel and other webview drivers are only available on T3 screens, and not on iOS / Android Apps due to limitations set by Control4.

You can also view the interface from any browser, by navigating to the following URL, substituting in the IP address of your main processor;



What do I need to install?

The main driver to install is the Color Wheel WebView – this provides the webview interface and automatically scans your system for compatible lights.

With the exception of Enhanced Lighting Interface, you should set up your compatible drivers in the usual way described in their documentation.

For Enhanced Lighting Interface compatible drivers, you should add 1 instance of Enhanced Lighting Interface for each light fixture you have.
From there, you need to set the properties Color Mode to describe the type of this fixture (RGB/RGBW/WW), and use the device selectors to link the correct channels to the existing dimmer drivers.

Can I place Color Wheel within the lights experience menu?

Unfortunately, the Control4 UI prohibits devices that are not specifically light drivers from appearing within the lights experience menu.

Color Wheel can, be shown alongside Comfort, Listen, Security and Watch. This can be customised from the room navigator interface in composer.

For systems running OS3, you can also favourite Color Wheel to the room by pressing and holding on the UI icon from a T3 touch panel.

Will you be supporting more lights in the future?

If you want to use a driver with Color Wheel that isn’t currently supported, please contact us quoting the driver name and download link and we will be happy to add support quickly!

How do I get my wLightBox licence after purchasing Colour Wheel?

The licence key you received after purchasing Colour Wheel will activate your wLightBox drivers when entered in the licence key property.


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  1. shaun1 (verified owner)

    Brilliant addition to my system – My 3 year old daughter is using it which demostrates it ease of use.

    Thanks Janus

    Oh my customer loves it too 🙂

    Shaun Haines

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Do you offer free demo license for a dealer showroom?

Yes, we offer a free showroom demo licence with the purchase of a full licence.  So purchase a licence via the website, then email us at and we’ll then issue you a voucher to download an additional licence for free! (limited to one per dealer)

Which interfaces does it work on?

Colour Wheel appears under Services on the Control4 interface.  Currently this is only available on T3 screens, and not on iOS or Android Apps.

What do I need to install ?

The main driver to install is the Colour Wheel WebView – this provides the webview interface and automatically scans your system for compatible lights.

Which lighting systems are supported?

In addition to this, you’ll need to install drivers for the individual lights:

  • Collingwood – specific RGB light drivers available here
  • Rako – new RGB driver from our Rako driver suite (version v.141 or later) available here
  • Phillips Hue – using the Control4 Hue drivers available from the Control4 cloud
  • Colour Wheel Proxy Interface – this allows existing individual dimmers to group as RGB / RGBW fixtures and be displayed in Colour Wheel.  Supported dimmers include:
    • Lutron Homesworks / QS
    • KNX
    • ColourBeam
    • DMX (via the old Extra Vegetables DMX driver)

Additional systems can be very quickly added – please send us a copy of the driver and we’ll incorporate into the proxy interface.