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App Development

Enhanced App Development

Manufacturers and integrators regularly employ the services of Janus Technology for our expertise in dramatically enhancing a product or service offering.

A simple driver may suffice, but many clients also look to Janus to create apps for iOS, Android and other platforms, not necessarily a standalone app, but an app that enhances the user’s experience, and also the manufacturers’ products.

More often than not, the app experience becomes key to the system’s functionality, and Janus’ expertise ensures a smooth creation process from idea inception to public use and availability.

Employing Janus to write apps for you ensures…

  • You are tapping in to a broad range of experience
  • You cover all bases with iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, web apps and more
  • You get an app to enhance your product or service
  • You receive development in concert with control system programming
  • An unparalleled user experience
  • An app to take your products to the Internet of Things
  • You are implementing your products within a smart environment

App Development Case Study

See a case study of our work with Naim.

See Case Study

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