IoT Software Development

Janus Technology and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is simply a network of Internet-connected devices able to collect and exchange data. It is commonly abbreviated to simply ‘IoT’.

The IoT ecosystem enables entities to connect to, and control their IoT devices.

Thanks to our extensive experience within the Smart Home and Smart Building industries, we are regarded as an authority for those looking to transform their business, products or services, into the IoT.

From low-level drivers for device integration, to complete cloud management systems, Janus’ experience and expertise is second to none.

Engaging with Janus in your IoT strategy means…

  • You are receiving expert advice based on real world experience
  • Best practices are employed at every point of connection
  • Security and privacy are of uppermost importance
  • Technological fragmentation is never an issue
  • If you can think it, we can make it happen

IoT Case Study

See a case study of our work with Shepherd.

See Case Study

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