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Shelly IoT Energy Management

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Control4 Driver for Shelly IoT Energy Management

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The Shelly IoT Energy Management driver suite gives you control of the range of energy monitoring devices, optimised for use with BMS Monitor.

The Shelly IoT Discovery driver simplifies the process of adding your Shelly devices to your Control4 project. It automatically scans the local network for Shelly EM devices, forwarding the discovered devices to your device drivers. This then allows you to simply choose from a list which Shelly device you wish to control.


Supported Devices

  • Shelly EM
  • Shelly 3EM
  • Shelly 1PM
  • Shelly ProEM
  • Shelly Pro3EM
  • Shelly Pro1PM
  • Shelly Pro2PM
  • Shelly Pro4PM



BMS Monitor

The Energy Meter (EM) driver included within this driver suite launches with full compatibility of BMS Monitor – a Control4-based solution for monitoring not only electricity usage and consumption, but also HVAC data, water usage and much more!

This Shelly driver suite can be used for FREE on any projects with an activated BMS Monitor license.

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Where can I purchase Shelly products?

Shop the Shelly range at

What Shelly products are supported?

  • Shelly EM, 3EM, 1PM, Pro1PM, Pro4PM

How do I get my Shelly licence after purchasing  BMS Monitor?

The licence key you received after purchasing BMS Monitor will activate your Shelly Discovery driver when entered in the licence key property.