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Control4 BMS Monitor

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Control4 BMS Monitor is a unique driver from Janus technology for monitoring thermostat data and providing a simple web interface for viewing this. The driver allows key parameters from any thermostat in your project to be monitored (current temperature, setpoint, HVAC mode and HVAC state). Additionally outside temperature is obtained from an Internet service, together with a temperature forecast for the rest of the day.

The solution supports any thermostat proxy, v1 or v2 – no special thermostat drivers are required. Furthermore, no additional devices/interfaces are required – all data is stored directly on the main controller, and backed up in persistent memory, so it is preserved across power cycles and even system restores. Up to 30 days’ data (or 10K samples) are stored for each of the monitored elements with simple navigation between daily and weekly views.


Webview Compatibility

The webview interface is compatible with any Control4 T3 touch screen.

You can also view the interface from any browser by navigating to the following URL, substituting in the IP address of your main processor;



Whats New?

v127 – 05/07/2021

  • Added support for Shelly IoT EM, available here.
  • Allow choosing custom colours and states for timeline variables.
  • When viewing the yearly view of a bar graph, you can toggle between a window size of 1 day and 1 month.
  • Displays usage for the viewed time period for bar graphs.

v123 – 18/02/2021

  • Added support for Yatun Modbus generic monitor.
  • Added support for Eaton energy sensor.
  • Improvements with screen visibility and scaling type.

v120 – 29/01/2021

  • Added support for Yatun Number Variable drivers.
  • Added additional screen configuration options.
  • Improved variable registration reliability

v117 – 10/12/2020

  • Introducing customisable screens! Add your own screens to BMS Monitor, allowing comparison of any monitored variable within the same view.
  • BMS Monitor on your phone! Mobile compatibility added via web browser, with support for adding a shortcut to your device’s home screen.
  • Added additional icons to the screen icon selection

v116 – 14/10/2020

  • Added device sorting mechanism – sort your devices alphabetically, by type, or icon type.
  • Added compatibility with Control4 Z2IO and Z2C drivers.

v113 – 10-09-2020

  • Added support for eGauge Monitor
  • Added support for North Generic Monitor
  • Added screen configuration popup, accessed by holding a device on the sidebar
  • Screen configuration – added icon selector, adjustable Y axis limits,  added view title & y axis label fields
  • Outdoor Temperature & temperature forecast scale (C/F) taken from project properties 
  • Added text to indicate when there is no data to be displayed
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What driver types are compatible with BMS Monitor?

  • Control4 Zigbee to IO / Contact Sensor (temperature and humidity)
  • Eaton xComfort energy sensor (energy, power, current, voltage)
  • eGauge Monitor (energy usage)
  • Flo by Moen (water consumption)
  • HeroLabs Sonic (water consumption)
  • KNX Generic Monitor (any KNX datatype) – available here
  • Shelly IoT energy meter – available here
  • Thermostats (V1 and V2 proxy)
  • YATUN modbus generic monitor (any NUMBER_VARIABLE connection)
  • YATUN Variable Number driver

Which variables are monitored for thermostats?

Depending on the thermostat driver capabilities, the following variables can be monitored

  • Temperature
  • Setpoint C/F (single setpoint, or seperate Heat/Cool setpoints according to capabilities)
  • HVAC Mode
  • HVAC State
  • Humidity

Additionally, the following data will also be visible alongside the aforementioned variables

  • Outdoor temperature + forecast
  • Outdoor humidity + forecast

Can I use BMS Monitor from my phone/tablet?

You can! Ensuring that your device is on the same local network as your Control4 processor, in your device’s native browser navigate to http:///driver/hvac_generic_bms_monitor/dist to access the BMS Monitor interface.

For iOS devices, you can favourite this web page to your home screen by tapping the upload icon, then tapping Add to Home Screen.

For android devices, you can favourite this web page to your home screen by tapping the menu icon (upper-right corner), then tapping Add to Home Screen.

WARNING due to web page caching, after updating BMS Monitor you must either re-create this favourite or restart your device to access the new updates from your device.

I would like a new driver type / variable to be monitored

We are actively working on this solution to bring other data visualisations into Control4. Please contact us with any suggestions or if you have any specific requirements!