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Qlite driver for Control4

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A Qlite lighting system driver for Control4.

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These drivers enable a Control4 system to control a Qlite lighting system, incorporating a Qlite QL102e serial interface.  Offering two way control of switching and dimming devices, with feedback to the Control4 processor, this driver ensures the two systems remain synchronised, as well as providing the ability to trigger commands in Control4 based on events in the Qlite system.  Discrete scene selection is also supported.

How does it work?

A C4 home Controller sends commands and receives feedback via the QL102e serial interface, routing commands to particular Qlite devices based on zone and channel numbers. The following features are supported:

  • Full control of dimmed and switched lighting devices.
  • Discreet selection of scenes.
  • Full two-way control, with feedback.
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Do I need any additional hardware for to use this driver with my Qlite system?

A Qlite QL102e serial interface is required in order for serial commands to be sent into the Qlite system.

How do you tailor the license for my specific Home Controller?

During the checkout process you will be asked to enter the MAC address of your Home Controller, so be sure to have it to hand.