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ATEN ecoPDU driver for Control4

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A Control4 driver for ATEN eco PDUs.

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This is a driver for Control4 systems, providing one way control of supported ATEN eco PDUs, via Ethernet.  ATEN’s range of network-attached PDUs are now used in a multitude of different environments, from small residential custom installations, to vast corporate server rooms.  Control via Control4 includes the ability to power on and off each individual outlet on the PDU, with a single command.  This means that power-hungry devices can be switched all the way off (rather than just into “standby”) when they are not needed, and switched back on again with a button press.

Also included in this suite is the Aten Outlet driver – which provides a simple way to display the outlets for a PDU on the Control4 UI.

Now supports 4, 8, 16 and 24-port models, together with Sensor and Power monitoring fully compatible with the Janus BMS Monitor


Supported Models


How does it work?

The Control4 system communicates with the PDU via telnet, which means no additional cabling or interface devices are required.  The following main features are supported:

  • Discrete control of each outlet.
  • Control via Ethernet.
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