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Lode Audio Server driver for Control4

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A Control4 driver for the Lode audio server.

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An Ethernet driver providing control of the Lode audio server from a Control4 system.  Ethernet control means no need to use up valuable I/O ports on your processor and no more unreliable infrared emitters cluttering up the rack.  Fast and reliable control of Lode improves the user experience and robust feedback of the current configuration makes for accurate, tidy programming and guaranteed synchronisation between systems.   A simple but effective driver, designed to make the installer’s life easier.

How does it work?

The Control4 processor communicates with the Lode over the network.  Very little configuration is required.  The following features are supported:

  • Control via TCP/IP.
  • Search over streaming services and local music.
  • Queue management.
  • Zone / room control and party mode.
  • Playlists and favourites.
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Is an interface device required for the two systems to communicate?

No, the Control4 system communicates with Lode over the network, so no additional hardware is needed.

Other similar drivers are really expensive, how come this one is free!?

Sometimes, driver development is funded by the manufacturer of the product to be integrated, and sometimes by the control system manufacturer.  Whenever possible, we offer the driver for free.

If it’s free, do I need a licence?

Nope.  No licence is required, just download the zip package from the Downloads tab.