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CYP Audio Amplifier drivers for Control4

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Control4 drivers for CYP audio amplifiers.

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These Control4 drivers provide two way control of CYP AU-A50, AU-A300 and AU-A300-HBT audio amplifiers, via RS232 or Ethernet.  Discrete power commands and source selection, with feedback of the current status, makes programming quick, clean and accurate.  Depending on the model employed, additional commands offer control of advanced features such as EDID settings, microphone modes and output selections.  A simple, but effective suite of drivers, designed to make the integrator’s job easier.

How does it work?

The drivers can communicate with the amplifiers via either IP or RS232.  Supported features include:

  • Discrete power control.
  • Source selection.
  • RS232 or IP control.
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Do I need to buy a licence to use these drivers?

No; these drivers are provided totally free-of-charge.  Just download the zip package.