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Sensible Heat driver for Control4

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Control4 drivers for the Sensible Heat Universal Web Interface.

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Sensible Heat design and commission building management systems, providing interface devices to integrate with smart home control systems.


The Sensible Heat Universal Web Interface drivers work with the Sensible Heat Web Interface products, which can be used to control Honeywell EvoHome / other heating controls, both heating zones and on/off HVAC service like hot water, towel rails etc and also control “lifestyles” (Off and Holiday), and any form of AC/Comfort Cooling system (“Fan Coil Units” or “FCUs”) via a Control 4 touchscreen interface.


Because the Sensible Heat Web Interface is based on the North Building Technologies “Commander” platform, it benefits from the large range of HVAC “drivers” available, including most popular AC systems (e.g. Daikin, Mitsubishi etc) plus generic drivers for Bacnet, Modbus, Lonworks etc, so effectively all HVAC systems are covered.


The AC systems covered are diverse in nature, not just “Fan Coil Units” but also encompassing chilled ceilings, trench heaters etc. Systems can be cooling-only, or they can changeover from cooling mode to heating mode, this changeover can be on a “2-pipe” basis (i.e. all of the “Fan Coil” units in a system are all in the same mode, i.e. either all in heating, or all in cooling mode, or on a “4-pipe” basis, where “Fan Coil” units can be in heating or cooling mode individually.


How does it work?

Communicating via TCP/IP, the drivers send commands to the Sensible Heat Web Interface, which in turn controls the heating/cooling system, returning feedback of the current status to the Control4 system.   The following features are supported:

  • Control heating and cooling zones.
  • Set Point adjustment and current temperature feedback.
  • Support for “modes” and “lifestyles”.
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Which HVAC products can this driver control?

The module is designed to control a Sensible Heat Universal Web Interface device, which in turn controls your HVAC system.

Do I need a licence for this driver?

Even though the driver is free, a licence is required to activate full functionality.  Just add it to your basket and checkout as normal.  No payment is required, although you will need to enter your Control4 processor’s MAC address to generate a licence key.