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Invixium driver for Control4

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**NEW VERSION** Now supporting all Invixium Enterprise models

The art and science of biometric access control has always held great potential for integration with the Smart Home, and now, with our new Control4 driver, this potential is realised.  The Invixium Mycro is a cutting edge biometric scanning device which, when combined with Control4 integration, creates the ultimate personalised control solution. Until now, automation has been primarily anonymous with all “things” happening to all users, or at best personalised via the use of a PIN code (which is easily forgotten) or a key fob (which is easily lost).  Now, every user of the system carries around their own unique identifier, which is impossible to forget and (almost) impossible to lose; it’s their finger.

Finger print recognition technology opens the door to a whole world of new possibilities for the smart home. First of all, imagine returning home and a single swipe of your finger provides access to your property: first the gate; then the garage door; and finally the front entrance.  In addition, that one swipe illuminates the path to your study, and starts your favourite radio station playing throughout the house.  It also switches the news channel on in the lounge and makes sure the temperature in your bedroom is just how you like it.  Remember, all of this is from a single swipe of your finger – no need to navigate through complex touch screen menus, or dig around for your smartphone and wait while it connects to your WiFi – this is truly instant and totally personalised.  Perhaps the cleaner comes in on a Wednesday, and the gardener on a Thursday?  No problem.  Simply program them in to the system, providing quick, easy, secure, personalised access, which is also restricted, so that they only have access to the parts of the property they need access to.  Keep the kids away from the pool; keep prying eyes away from the home office; keep the guests away from the wine cellar….the possibilities really are endless…


This driver is licensed per Invixium device. A different licence key needs to be obtained and entered into each driver separately. When purchasing the licence, please use the Serial Number of the Invixium device as displayed in Composer properties (eg A11729910200). If you have 5 or more devices in your project, please contact us for bulk pricing.

How does it work?

As a standalone system, Invixium biometric access is industry-leading, providing the ultimate personalised access solution and implemented the world over.  Integration with Control4 opens up a whole new level of functionality, extending personalisation beyond simple access to actual personalised control.  The driver works by receiving notifications form the Invixium system, allowing actions in Control4 to be triggered by these events.  Events such as successful identifications, unidentified attempts at access or a door being forced, can trigger appropriate actions in Control4, such as initiating CCTV recording, switching on security lighting, or notifying you by email or text message.  Crucially, driver variables allow Control4 to identify which user has gained access and stimulate commands and actions as appropriate.  The ability to add in a “duress” fingerprint to the Invixium Mycro means a user can discretely alert the system that access has been compromised, triggering security systems, or even informing the emergency services.



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Do I need a network interface device for the Invixium devices to communicate with the Control4 system?

No additional hardware is required.  Just connect all devices to the same LAN.

Do I need to manually add all the Invixium devices to the Control4 system?

Yes – Invixium Enterprise devices require to be added manually to your project, and not via SDDP.