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Velbus driver for Control4

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Control4 Driver for Velbus

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This suite of drivers enables bi-directional integration of a Velbus system with Control4, supporting the following features:-

* Switched / Dimmed lights
* Relays
* Digital Inputs (Contact sensors, PIR Motion Sensors and various thord party sensors)
* Thermostats
* Motor Control / Blinds / Windows


It discovers all devices configured in the Velbussystem and then allows the dealer to automatically add Control4 proxy drivers for every single module discovered – making installation a breeze.



What’s new

v012 4th April 2023

  • Changed default comms driver properties (SSL/TLS, port 27015, token velbus)

v011 9th January 2023

  • Fix Simulate Button Press for Channels above 8
  • Fix for missing VMBEL2 themrostat proxy

v010 8th January 2023

  • Adds support for simulating Velbus Button Presses from Control4

v008 20th July 2022

  • Auto driver install fully working with OS 3.3

v007 – 15th December 2021

  • First formal release
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  1. Stuart of MDAR Ltd

    Within hours of these drivers going live, a C4 distributor in Belgium was heard saying, “Wow, this kit is amazing”

    During the beta phase, a C4 installer in Scotland tried the VMB2BLE motor controller for a client, he got it up and running within minutes and simply said, “That was easy”

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