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Sensible Heat driver for RTI

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An RTI driver for Sensible Heat HVAC systems.

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An RTI driver for Sensible Heat HVAC systems. This fully featured driver controls heating and cooling, with support for Hometronic heating systems, Evo underfloor systems and fancoil air conditioning.  A comprehensive set of commands and feedback variables provide control over set point temperatures, with support for Sensible Heat’s Heating Modes and Lifestyles.  The powerful SetCurrentRoom feature interacts cleverly with the panel application so that programmers need only design a single page for control of all rooms, with commands and feedback strings displayed conditionally depending on the room chosen.  iPad and iPhone designs come bundled with the driver, which can be used for demonstration only, or directly integrated into your RTI project.

How does it work?

The RTI processor communicates directly with the Sensible Heat Web Interface, via the network.  The following features are supported:

  • SetCurrentRoom functionality.
  • Support for Modules and Lifestyles.
  • Setpoint and heating mode control.
  • Comprehensive set of feedback variables.


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