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Aavara driver for RTI

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An RTI driver for Aavara HDMI over IP systems.

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The Aavara HDMI-over-IP product range uses the multi-casting capability of a managed gigabit Ethernet switch to transmit 1080p video via an IP network, providing a modern, scalable video distribution solution for both commercial and residential installations. This driver provides control from an RTI system, via TCP/IP, providing full switching functionality, as well as video wall creation and control. Additional configuration commands allow for careful manipulation of the picture positioning on each screen, to allow for a perfect video wall display, as well OSD messaging capability.  Also included is the ability to send RS232 commands via the serial ports of the transmitters and receivers, allowing for control of third party devices (such as sources or displays).

How does it work?

The RTI processor communicates with a single Aavara Sender device over the network. The following features are supported:

  • Control via TCP/IP.
  • Video wall creation and control.
  • Advanced screen configuration.
  • Feedback of input and output names.
  • RS232 control of third party devices.

The driver comes packaged with a demonstration panel design, enabling easy integration and testing with your existing system.

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Is an interface device required for the two systems to communicate?

No, the installer must enter the IP address of a single Aavara Sender in the driver properties; all communication takes place via this device.

Other similar drivers are really expensive, how come this one is free!?

Sometimes, driver development is funded by the manufacturer of the product to be integrated, and sometimes by the control system manufacturer.  Whenever possible, we offer the driver for free.

If it’s free, do I need a licence?

Nope.  No licence is required, just download the zip package from the Downloads tab.