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Systemline S7 driver for Control4

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A Control4 driver providing two way control of a Systemline S7 NetAmp, via TCP/IP.

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This driver allows a Control4 system to send commands and receive status and configuration information from a Systemline S7 multi-room audio system, incorporating the 2 zone NetAmp.  Featuring a comprehensive set of control commands, this driver offers the installer discrete zone and source selection as well as volume, tone and balance control, with instant feedback to the Control4 system, so that things never get out of sync.  Communication with the NetAmp is via Ethernet, so no need for an interface device, or any additional cabling.  Advanced features include settings for enabling/disabling Systemline’s HVM (High Volume Mode), as well as one way selection of favourites stored on the NetServer, as well as the full range of transport controls.

How does it work?

The driver is configured to use the IP address and port number of the NetAmp, allowing communication via TCP/IP.

  • Full complement of discrete commands.
  • Status and configuration feedback.
  • One way control of the NetServer.
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Is an interface device required?

No.  Communication is via Ethernet.

Can you browse music stored on the NetServer from the Control4 panel?

Unfortunately not, although selection of favourites and basic transport control is supported.

Do I need a licence?

Nope.  No licence is required.  Just download the zip package via the Downloads tab.