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Heatmiser drivers for RTI

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These drivers allow RTI to control a Heatmiser system, incorporating WiFi thermostats, an RS485 interface, or a Neo hub.

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Janus has developed two drivers for controlling Heatmiser from RTI – one for integration with the Neo hub (via Ethernet) and a second for integration with wifi thermostats and/or an RS485 interface (using either RS232 or Ethernet).   There is full two way support, including feedback of current temperature, set-point value, Run mode and Hold status.  A clever “SetCurrentZone” function allows a single zone control page to be created to control the currently selected zone, rather than requiring the programmer to design individual pages for each zone.  In addition, a full complement of discrete controls (with corresponding feedback) for specific heating zones provides the installer with the ability, for example, to construct a page providing an overview of the whole system, or to use timed events to send commands to particular zones.

How does it work?

Using TCP/IP, the drivers can communicate directly with the Heatmiser WiFi thermostats or Neo hub, or via an Ethernet to RS485 convertor to communicate via an RS485 interface.  Equally, the driver supports RS232 to allow communication to the RS485 interface using an RS232 to RS485 convertor.  Make sure you download the correct driver package for your system from the Downloads tab.  The following features are supported:

  • Full two-way control, both discrete and current zone.
  • Adjustment and feedback of Run mode, Hold status and Holiday mode.
  • Support for scheduling & hot water demand.

NOTE: If you are planning to control your Heatmiser system via RS232/485 using a UH1 Wiring Center, only one “master” connection is allowed.  As such, it is not possible to use the RTI driver in conjunction with the Heatmiser Netmonitor to control the system.

The drivers come packaged with demonstration remote control designs, enabling easy integration and testing with your existing system.

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The Heatmiser system I want to control has an RS485 interface.  Is this supported?

Yes.  You will need either a RS232>RS485 convertor or an Ethernet>RS485 convertor, depending on which communication method you prefer to use.  The following products are tested and recommended:

How will I receive my licence?

When you proceed to the Checkout, you will be asked to enter the MAC address of your RTI processor so that an appropriate licence key can be generated.  You will receive your new key as soon as checkout is complete.  This key can be used with either driver package.

My system is based around a UH1 Wiring Center.  Can I use a Heatmiser Netmonitor as well as having control from RTI?

Unfortunately not.  Only one “master” connection is allowed, which can be either the Netmonitor or the RTI driver.