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Bose Controlspace driver for Crestron

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An Crestron driver for two-way control of Bose Controlspace conferencing systems, via TCP/IP.

The module provides control over components within the control space design.  Please use ControlSpace Designer (available from the Bose website) to setup your system.

The following components are supported (please note that some modules are specific to certain Bose hardware): Router, SMixer, MMixer, Tone, GEQ, Gain, Input, Output, SlotMeter, ParameterSet, Selector, AMMGS, AMMGA, PSTNInput, Gain, UiDialer, VoIPInput, Gain, UiDialer, Logic, GPO, Delay, Ducker, Gate, Compressor, ArrayEQ, Crossover, CRR, Link, PkRMSLim, Sweep, Noise, AGC, Sine, USB In, USB Out, AEC, SpeakerPEQ, PMInput, PMDelay, PMOutput , PMLimiter, InputPEQ, InputPEQ, SurroundInput, PMSPEQ, PMBandPass, PMSigGen, InputPEQ, PMMixer, EX-8ML, AGCEnhanced, LogicBlock, AMMGALegacy.

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