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Warmup 4iE driver for Control4

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A Control4 driver for the Warmup 4iE thermostsat.

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This Control4 driver provides two way control of the Warmup 4iE underfloor heating thermostat, via TCP/IP.  Feedback of the current temperature, combined with setpoint and mode control turns the Control4 user interface into a whole house, room-specific heating system controller.  User editable presets can be used for scheduling specific temperature changes or invoking heating mode changes on particular days at specific times.

How does it work?

The comms driver communicates with the web service via the Internet; the thermostat drivers control each thermostat in the system.  The following main features are supported:

  • Control via TCP/IP
  • Setpoint adjustment.
  • Current temperature feedback.
  • Presets and mode selection.


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Why is this driver available for free?

Development of this driver was funded by the manufacturer, who decided to offer it to customers free-of-charge!

Will this driver control multiple thermostats?

You may add as many instances of the thermostat driver as you have thermostats.