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Vitrum HomeMaster driver for Crestron

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A Crestron driver offering two way control of a Vitrum lighting system.

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This driver suite has been designed to enable easy integration of a Vitrum lighting system with a Crestron control system.  Vitrum lighting devices communicate wirelessly with each other using Z-wave, and interface with Crestron via a Homemaster router, using Ethernet.   Providing the user with the ability to adjust the level of any Vitrum lighting device as well as effective, robust feedback of current status, these modules provide a simple, effective integration solution.   Automatic discovery and adjustment of point associations in the Vitrum system also helps to make life easier for the installer.

How does it work?

Each Vitrum device has a unique Point ID, which is used by the Crestron driver to address specific commands to particular devices via the Homemaster interface.   The following features are supported:

  • Full control of dimmable and non dimmable lighting devices.
  • Two way control, maintaining synchronisation with the Vitrum system.
  • Automatic discovery/update of point associations.

The driver package includes a test harness and demo panel, enabling the programmer to easily test and subsequently integrate the driver into their project.

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I’ve never heard of Vitrum – who are they?

Vitrum are an Italian company, designing and producing uniquely stylish lighting systems (and much more).  Visit their website at if you want to know more…

Does the price include any hardware?

Sorry, no.  The price is a licence fee only, allowing one instance of the driver to be run on a specified Crestron system.

How do you tailor the licence for my particular Crestron system?

During the checkout process you will be asked to enter the MAC address of your Crestron processor, so be sure to have it to hand.