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Zentium driver for Control4

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The Zentium thermostat by Polar Bear Design is a 2-zone thermostat with a simple and clear interface with a rotary dial for intuitive user control.

This driver allows integration of Zentium thermostats into a Control4 SmartHome system, which support operation of the Zentium as a stand-alone system without requiring the interaction of any other BMS system.

i) AC fan-coil units are directly controlled from a secondary Modbus interface on the thermostat
ii) manifold relays are controlled via an RTU Manifold controller, with assigment of relay ports to thermostat being configured in the Control4 driver

The Zentium thermostat and RTU Manifold controller connect via Modbus. This driver supports a single Modbus interface, supporting up to 32 devices (thermostats and manifold controllers). If the system is split into 2 (or more) Modbus lines, then a separate communication driver is required for each Modbus interface.

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