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Meridian Sooloos driver for Control4

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A Control4 driver for Meridian Sooloos systems.

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NOTE: This driver is compatible with Meridian System Version 481 and higher ONLY.

This Control4 driver provides two-way control of Meridian Sooloos audio streaming devices, via Ethernet.  There is full support for browse and selection of media sources, including playlists, channels and play queue management.  Comprehensive metadata feedback to the Control4 interface makes for a rich user experience, whilst offering instant synchronisation with other applications.  An automatic discovery mechanism makes installation a breeze, and an interface designed to mimic the Sooloos application should provide a familiar experience for users.

How does it work?

A network driver handles discovery of devices, and a media service driver handles two-way control of the players.  All communication is via Ethernet.  The following main features are supported:

  • Automatic device discovery.
  • Browse and selection of sources.
  • Transport & volume control.
  • Comprehensive metadata feedback.
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Is an interface device required for the two systems to communicate?

No, the Control4 system communicates with Meridian devices over the network, so no additional hardware is needed.

Other similar drivers are really expensive, how come this one is free!?

Development of the driver was funded by Meridian, who have to decided to offer it for free!

If it’s free, do I need a licence?

Nope.  No licence is required, just download the zip package from the Downloads tab.