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KNX Universal Thermostat driver for Control4

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KNX has standardised bus communication, allowing devices from over 300 manufacturers across 37 countries to inter-operate. However, there is little standardisation as to what features the devices provide and how they are controlled. This is particularly a problem with Thermostats, where there are multiple different ways of controlling them, differing between manufacturers, and even between product ranges of a manufacturer. This has made writing a generic thermostat driver very difficult in the past.

The approach Janus has taken is to develop a driver that has embedded within it the knowledge of the various manufacturers and models, and the different ways of controlling them. The installer selects the manufacturer / model and the visible properties within the driver are then adjusted to display only those properties that are relevant for configuration of that specific device. Further, where a device has static configuration that determines its operation (e.g. Heating, Cooling, Heat/Cool with Auto switchover, Heat/Cool with manual switchover), then this configuration is also exposed in the driver properties and its value drives the properties visibility e.g. select Heat only, and the property for configuring the Cool Demand group address disappears. In this manner, the installer is guided to configure those group addresses that are relevant for the thermostat they have selected and their particular usage of that stat.

Additionally, the Control4 GUI can be configured so that extra capabilities related to the thermosat and/or zone in which it is located can be accessed from the EXTRAs tab. This could include:

  • Manual Heating / Cooling switchover
  • Towel rails, or any switchable (On/Off) item


Now available for Free from the Control4 cloud – search for KNX Universal Thermostat

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