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iRoom iBezel driver for RTI

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An RTI driver for the iRoom iBezel.

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An RTI driver designed to control an iRoom iBezel in-wall iPad dock, via Ethernet.  A set of commands allows control of the docking functionality, illumintaion of the front panel button LEDS, as well as control over the in-built relay.  But the real power of this driver lies in the comprehensive set of variables and events, allowing RTI to trigger system-wide commands based on the dock’s status.  Have a dock installed at the entrance to a room?  Use the proximity sensor to switch on the lights.  Have a dock in a room, but no controller for the HVAC system?  Use the dock’s front panel buttons to stimulate commands in the HVAC system.  Not sure where you’ve left your iPad?  Easily check the dock status of all iBezels from your RTI panel app.  The possibilities are numerous…

How does it work?

The driver communicates directly with the iBezel via the network.  The following main features are supported:

  • Control via Ethernet.
  • Dock control commands.
  • Comprehensive set of feedback variables.
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How much is a licence for this driver?

This driver is provided entirely free-of-charge.  No licence is required.