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Dusky Sky Controller driver for RTI

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Use this driver to control up to 15 sky boxes from a single serial connection to your RTI processor.

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One of our bestsellers, the Dusky Sky driver for RTI solves a number of problems for installers of Sky PVRs.  Dusky make a range of Sky controllers which can control up to 15 sky boxes from a single serial connection.  RS232 commands used by the Dusky controllers provide smooth, reliable navigation of the Sky menus, which means an end to clients complaining about troublesome over-active cursor commands, jumping down several pages from a single button press.  This also means no more unreliable, unsightly infrared emitter cables cluttering up the rack, as well as taking up valuable I/O ports on your RTI processor.   In addition, the driver can pull metadata from the Sky box and display it on the RTI panel, including channel name and number, as well current program information.  With additional support for power state feedback and Sky signal status, this driver is essential for any installation combining Sky PVRs and RTI control.

** NEW ** Now supports 15 receivers, plus Dynamic naming for easier Integration Designer programming

How does it work?

The Dusky Sky controller sends RS232 commands via either the RF2 or I/O connector on the rear of a Sky box.  Communication between the RTI system and the Dusky Controller is via RS232, with only one RS232 port (and one instance of the driver) required for control of up to 15 sky boxes.

  • Full two way control with metadata retrieval.
  • Comprehensive selection of Sky controls.
  • Simple, direct channel selection (no macros required).
  • Loss of satellite signal detection.
  • Power state feedback.

The driver comes packaged with a demonstration Integration Designer file, enabling easy integration and testing with your existing system.

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Does the price include any hardware?

No, the price is for the licence only.  You will need to buy a Dusky Sky Controller directly from Dusky.

I want to use a Network-Serial extender to talk to the Dusky Controller.  Is this supported?

Yes!  Whilst most people only need RS232 control, the driver also supports Ethernet control to cater for this scenario.

Does this driver work with the new style Sky HD boxes that have a 10 pin mini-DIN I/O port instead of an RF2 connector?

Yes, the protocol is the same.  You will need to make sure you buy the correct serial port controller from Dusky.

How does licensing work?

During the checkout process you will be asked to enter the MAC address of your RTI processor (so be sure to have it to hand), which is used to generate a licence key which you will receive by email shortly after making payment.