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Bose SoundTouch driver for Crestron

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A Crestron driver for Bose SoundTouch and Lifestyle products

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This Crestron driver provides two-way control of Bose SoundTouch and Lifestyle products, via Ethernet and Wi-Fi.  Discrete preset selection lets the user choose music presets from the Crestron interface, as well as control volume level, repeat and shuffle status.  Comprehensive metadata feedback to the Crestron interface makes for a rich user experience, whilst offering instant synchronisation with other applications. There is complete integration of the Bose SoundTouch multi-room grouping functionality, allowing players to be easily grouped together and controlled simultaneously.  An automatic discovery mechanism makes installation simple, while an interface designed to mimic the Bose SoundTouch application provides a familiar experience for users. This driver also enables source switching for SoundTouch and Lifestyle products, including HDMI input switching.

How does it work?

A communications driver handles discovery of devices, and a media service driver handles two-way control of the players.  All communication is via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.  The following main features are supported:

  • Discrete power state control
  • Device discovery
  • Discrete preset selection
  • Multi-room grouping functionality
  • Transport, volume and mute control
  • Comprehensive metadata feedback
  • Audio settings and audio level adjustment
  • Discrete SoundTouch, Bluetooth and Aux source selection for SoundTouch devices
  • Discrete video and audio source selection for SoundTouch 300 and Lifestyle 600/650 (SoundTouch, HDMI, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Audio mode selection for SoundTouch 300 and Lifestyle 600/650

Supported Bose Products:

  • SoundTouch 10
  • SoundTouch 20
  • SoundTouch 30
  • SoundTouch 300
  • SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter
  • SA-5 Amplifier
  • Lifestyle 600/650
  • Wave SoundTouch Music System (local source rebroadcast not supported)
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  1. istvan.kosik

    Works fine! I use for Lifestyle 600. Thanks for developers!

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Why is this driver is free?

It was developed in conjunction with Bose, who have decided to offer it for free!

Do I need an interface device?

No, all communication is via the network; no additional device is required.

Can I browse and select new music from the Crestron GUI?

New presets may be selected through the Crestron UI. However, music browsing is not supported.