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AVPro Edge AC-MX44/88-UHD driver for Elan

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An Elan g! driver for the AvProConnect AC-MX44/88-UHD video matrix.

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This driver has been designed to allow an Elan g! system to control the AVProConnect AC-MX44-UHD and AC-MX88-UHD video matrices, via either RS232 or TCP/IP.  There is two way support for switching all available inputs and outputs, as well as the ability to power the matrix on and off.

How does it work?

The Elan system communicates with the matrix via Telnet, or by using an RS232 cable.  The following main features are supported:

  • Control via IP or RS232.
  • Power control.
  • Discrete switching of all input/output configurations.
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Do I need to buy a licence to use this driver?

This driver was developed in conjunction with AVProConnect, who have decided to make it available free of charge!