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ATEN VM-series matrix driver for Control4

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A Control4 driver for ATEN VM-series video matrices.

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A Control4 driver providing two-way control of ATEN VM-series video matrices, via RS232.  Fast and reliable switching of inputs and outputs improves the user experience and robust feedback of the current configuration makes for accurate, tidy programming and guaranteed synchronisation between systems.  There is additional support for storing and recalling preset matrix configurations (known as “Profiles” in ATEN products).

How does it work?

The Control4 processor communicates with the ATEN matrix via RS232.  Very little configuration is required.  The following features are supported:

  • Fast, accurate switching
  • Feedback of current status
  • Storage & recall of Profiles
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Is an interface device required for the two systems to communicate?

No device is required, only an appropriate cable for RS232 control.

If it’s free, do I need a licence?

Nope.  No licence is required, just download the zip package from the Downloads tab.